Tommy James (and the Shondells): Chart-Topping Secrets

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Thanks for stopping by. I’m Sandy Kaye. A freelance broadcaster, journalist and producer who has spent more than 35 years on both sides of radio and television microphones. I’ve worked with every TV network in Australia, have produced and presented for countless radio stations around the country and have hosted my own commercial radio talk-back show. I’ve even held the distinction of being Sydney’s first female newsreader on radio – way back when! 

Today my passion is A Breath of Fresh Air which allows me to immerse myself in one of my favourite things – music. I just love all kinds of music and am fascinated by the people who make it.  In particular, t’s the music of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s that takes me back to my youth and means most to me.

So, as a journalist, I’m all about digging deep into the classic hits of our time. I bring you intimate, warm, fireside chats with the artists who tell us about their lives both then and now. I really hope you enjoy THEIR LIVES, THEIR STORIES and THEIR MUSIC.  And don’t forget, if there’s someone you’d like to hear from, just drop me a line –