Transcript: Transcript Bobby Sherman: From Teen Idol To Modern Day Saint – An Exclusive Interview With The Iconic Singer

Hello, and a very big welcome to you. Thanks for joining me for today’s show. It’s a pretty special one. And I’m really excited to be bringing you my next guest. He’s someone I’ve been chasing for an interview for years, but has always eluded me. Until now. Let’s see if you can guess who I’m talking about. Chances are if you were a teenager in the 60s or 70s, you may have had a crush on him too. He’s a singer songwriter, an actor who became a famous teen idol. He first surfaced on the American TV show Shindig. And then in the comedy series, he come the brides. He was known for his very fashionable shaggy hair style, and his winning smile. He guested on shows like The Partridge Family, the monkeys and Modsquad. But then Bobby Sherman seemed to disappear from his high profile celebrity life. So where did he go? And what’s he been doing? That’s exactly what I was determined to find out. Bobby Sherman and his wife Bridget are with me now,
man, you know, certainly not
not not is their arch hatch. You’re supposed to say I’ve Chu just gave it away.
To Bobby Sherman, who knew you had such a stupid sense of humor.
Ali is a natural born comedian. In this next slide, she should actually be comedian because he just he’s really good at living on spot.
I’m really just a natural pessimist. Windows.
But seriously, you always have a leaning for comedy?
Yes, he has. He was admitted by the title. 25 versus Bobby. He’s always been a comedian. Really?
Well, yeah. So.
So let’s start with growing up, Bobby, you were a bit of a football jock in high school, weren’t you?
Not really, uh, basically in high school, I played football. And I did pretty well. But I when I went on to college, and then I didn’t play football there.
What were you studying at college?
Basically child psychology. Really? Yeah. I was thinking about being come becoming a trial psychologist.
And you were railroaded? Weren’t you? Can you tell us the story about how you were discovered as a singer.
Basically, I played in the dance band I played I was musically inclined period. And then there was a private party being held for the cast have the greatest story ever told the George Stevens picture
I happen to be invited to it. And every it would be easier to say who wasn’t there rather than who was there because there was just everybody was there. And to the people there who I absolutely loved was basically that there was Jane Fonda and Natalie Wood. And so many of them was one that was running the party. And I was there in awe. And somebody knew I happen to sing whatever, because I was singing at parties or stuff like that. They say, Come on Bobby’s saying and I said, Oh, no, it’s not my party. And they say, Come on, please, by the police. And so I said, Well, what do you got? So they had a record player and stack the 40 fives. I said, Well, I’ll try and so I went through it and and there was there was one song for 45 That was pretty canons, Palisades Park.
and so I put it on, and I did a little stick with it and sank to it. And everyone seemed to love it. There was a couple of people there that were they said, Well, yeah, you’re pretty good, you know, who’s handling you? And I didn’t know what to make of that. Because I thought it was suggestion and said, You know, nobody. Next thing I know. They sent me to an agent who said you know Hey, we’d like to handle Yeah. And I said, Well, okay, well, what do I do next? Well, we’ll give you a call. And they did. And there was a cast. I don’t know if it was casting. It was an audition of some sort, for a show that was going to be called Shindig. And then I went to ABC Studios. And they said, Okay, we’ll do something else, you know. So guess what I did for any Kansas Palisades Park? And they said, Okay, pretty good, you know? And they, they said, No, we’ll get back to you. And they did. And they said, How would you like to do 26 of our shows, and I had no idea what I was doing. And I said, What am I supposed to do? And next thing I know, they had me kind of like, up and rehearsing and next thing I know, I was, I was doing 26 shows collection, television better in Hollywood.
Guest it just kind of blossomed from there. And I lucked out that I was getting a lot of mail and a lot of really good responses. And so they decided that, you know, they wish to keep this guy, and which I did, I again, I, I stayed with him for a while. And I ended up doing some stuff for ABC Television. That did long series, like gift shops, things like that. And then that kind of wove itself into the acting career. And one thing led to another and I you know, I wasn’t sitting there formulating it, I just kind of went with the flow.
Amazing. So singing has always been a love of yours. You said that you used to sing when you went to other people’s parties? Were you formally trained to sing? Or is that something that you just like to do?
I took a couple of singing lessons kind of thing. And the lady who was a vocal coach, that was that that was my formal training. And I and I was doing shows and I was doing guest shots. You know, I just kept going. And one thing led to another and next thing I know I’m doing and I’m getting 25,000 letters a week.
How did you come from a musical family?
Well, my dad, my dad played guitar, and I played trumpet. At that point, sort of family or whatever will come over, he played guitar and I played trumpet. And everyone got a big kick out of it. And so it kind of like just kept going. And I think it was because of that, that I was able to to make it work into a career.
So when you started with it with ABC, you mentioned you were getting something like 25,000 fan letters a week. How did that feel for you? Were you a bit overwhelmed?
Well, I was very overwhelmed. But I think really what it came down to is that the success of here come the brides which was a show that I did and that’s when the mail really started coming in. And then people were calling me a teenage idol and I wasn’t sure if I resented that or not. But I said okay, and it just kept going. I started putting out records and it was so they were selling and I was getting gold records and I was getting platinum records you know I was doing great and I had no idea what I was doing
Red Skies you ever see in see Hills the green screen and see like a child growing free and
full of dreams to last few years
must have felt incredibly surreal.
Yeah. I never really thought much about you know a when did it start? How’s it gonna keep going? I did. I really never formulated anything except for the fact that it just was there. And I tried to I was very thankful without a doubt. But at the same time I was very I was shy and but somehow being in front of the camera and all that it kind of like lifted that shyness. And I did my job and then I kind of go home and hide.
What do you mean you went home and home? Did what you were able to have a social life yourself?
Not really. No, I was really kind of a recluse?
Actually very shy. That’s the word so I actually
really appreciate were you a fan of Bobby’s you’re obviously too young to have known him when when he made it big
to yourself. For someone on American Bandstand. I never went to this concert. Never had any posters on my wall because we Were very quiet but I did every now and then put my foot down. So I want to watch chicken divide. So my mom fights that. Okay, once a month I get to watch chicken breast the rest of the time my brothers and sisters took over the team. So
So you saw him on TV when you were 14 years old? Did you have a crush on him that? Yeah,
I saw it was still working out. So young and naive came from refugees from Indonesia. I just started just cute. And adorable.
He was still out. Yes. You still are. That’s right. That’s exactly what I was going to say. Bobby Sherman. Absolutely. Bobby. So if you were so shy and living this kind of reclusive life, and as you put it, a bit of a loner, you were out there with hundreds of 1000s of adoring girls who just wanted to get close to you. Was there anybody that you had a crush on? Basically
Natalie Wood and Jane Fonda because, you know, they I knew them. And they were stars. And you know, I was lucky to know them. That was kind of did I was too I was too busy to really settle down with one particular person because I was just I was always on the go. And I was always working.
People in show purposes,
I understand that Jane Fonda I think I had a crush on I think I’ve still got a girl crush on these days. She was amazing. And Natalie Wood was equally beautiful. So when all these girls had their teenage crushes on you, there was nobody that you’d been at school with. There was only Jane Fonda and Natalie Wood that you could think of?
Well, yeah, I mean, there were there were girls that I dated, you know, and there was a couple of girls that I you know, did have crushes on and all that, but and they weren’t in the business. So I was, it was kind of fleeting, because I’d be off doing a concert someplace. And I’d be you know, pretty much alone. And then you’d go out in a concert, you’d have you know, 15 20,000 kids screaming, where you couldn’t even hear yourself think and it was like a whirlwind kind
of life. And then you go back to the hotel room alive. I’ve heard it said although it seems such a glamorous life, it’s actually quite a lonely life
most most definitely. No, see, here’s something funny. All right, what sounds so just for the sea blonde, she shook herself and a box to Bobby Bobby.
Telling me that story. Basically, I
was in a hotel room, uh, you know, after going contract, whatever. And there was a knock at the door. And, and then do something about delivery. I don’t know who delivered it, actually. But I open the door and there’s a box and I you know, do what’s you know, basically postage and it looks very legit. And I wonder again, so I opened it up and there’s a girl and she’s it’s just so
under age so but she had total well
Returned to sender
Return to Sender indeed. It was but you know, that a lot of experiments, girls that were there would climb out on the fire escapes of the hotel rooms. Alright, nice. You know, I was so worried about falling out and falling down and all that stuff. So, you know, really I said the security really has to be tightened up guys. And it wasn’t that I was worried about me as much as I was worried about them, because they would throw caution to the wind and just do crazy things in order to get close. So I lucked out.
You were really one of the very first teen idols Weren’t you? I put it out on Facebook asking your fans what they would like to know from you what they would ask you these days if they had an opportunity to and so many of them still I mean, and they’re all obviously women beyond 60 girls everywhere, plastered their walls with photos of you and had all your records and cut out your record on the back of the raisin brand packet collected the beads that you used to wear there was a lot of merchandise around Bobby Sherman at the time I remember myself, but a lonely life it was we didn’t stop for a minute to think how life was for you all that was in our minds was getting a piece of you getting close to you? Was it an enjoyable experience overall having all this adoration?
Oh, I would say overall, yeah, once I was able to catch your breath every now and then yeah, I really did enjoy it. And mainly because I watched them in terms of them being the, you know, the fans and all that kind of, I watched them enjoy it. And I got more enjoyment out of them than I did out of me. And they were always I just, you know, it was it was an incredible experience. I don’t know, everyone said, you know, what’s it like to be idolized like that, you know, I never really thought much about it, other than the fact that all I wanted to do is do my best to please my audience. And so, you know, there was there was a lot of stuff that went on that was very crazy, but, but all in all, I never got any complaints, except for actually a lot of would say, like the raisin brands and yet, they would, they would basically blame me for because the kids would get the box Raisin Bran and immediately cut out the record. And then Raisin Bran was all over the
floor. They wouldn’t eat the cereal. Yes,
I’m sorry.
I got off eBay pay $200 for some 25 year old is still by now right?
That’s hilarious. I mean, it’s that technique. I can’t believe that was even doable technology at the time. I wonder if you could repeat that today. And today when vinyl is more more popular selling more than CDs were the I don’t even understand how you could play a record made from paper
and it did play I was astonished that they were able to do it and they sold a lot of cereal nobody ate it but they played it
just says only for in a great thing. Someone like you could make my dreams come true. In all the margins I could climb and you just put your head in mind there ain’t nothing in this world I couldn’t do it
my dreams come true
rainy days sunny in my mind. You may seem like a friend to me.
Bobby Sherman’s La La La you five head you was one of several of the hits that could be cut out from the back of a cereal box. But he wasn’t the only artist to be using breakfast cereal to reach young fans. The Archie’s The Monkees, and the Jackson Five did same. Stay tuned as Bobby continues his story
is a breath of fresh air with Sandy Kay,
it’s a beautiful day.
Thanks for hanging in. I hope you’re enjoying hearing from 60s teen idol Bobby Sherman, as much as I’m loving chatting with him. As you’ve already heard, Bobby is open and receptive to being asked most anything. I wanted to know if he unlike many of his contemporaries had been wise with the money he’d been making as a result of all that hard work and millions in record sales. So did he just blow it on expensive cars and lifestyle?
No, I spoil myself a little bit but nothing too bad. I mean I bought a Rolls Royce but Ken but that’s what I wanted to do. He bought a house I bought a house and bought a 727 airplane but I didn’t do that we did that for business reasons and we we farm that out for people so Elton John used it and actually eldest used it as a colonel Colonel Parker use it so I got basically a lot of good investment did a lot of investments in oil and stuff like that. So I was pretty much comfortable for pretty much for the rest of my life. You
were savvy enough to do that because so many of your contemporaries just blew all that money and today when they’re a little bit older have really nothing to show for it anymore.
But that’s absolutely true. And it’s kind of pathetic and sad that makes you sit back and say I wish they didn’t have the wherewithal to where you put money for good use not just for immediate use a lot out
Yeah, well you certainly deserved it. They worked hard for several years how many years you know what’s that intense period?
I don’t know I just kind of always busy and doing a lot yes shots kept me active and all that you know the murder she robots in the caves county produced a couple of books. So yeah, a lot of producing direction yet. So I diversify a lot. I kept myself busy doing other things and just being you know Bobby Sherman
So how was that transition into acting for you? Were you confident then with what you were doing? Or you were still winging it?
Oh, no, I, I pretty much felt pretty confident with acting because when I did here come the brides when that played on ABC Television, that’s when all of the millions of responses came in. So I was already acting because when I did that I was Jeremy bolt for two and a half years. I did pretty well as an actor.
Probably you this wholesome over here. Nice guy. Don’t you have a mean edge of mean hard edge to you at all?
I don’t know. What do you think? I just slapped it. No, I’m kidding.
It doesn’t sound like you do or if you do you, neither of you are going to tell me about it for sure.
No, I really don’t. I don’t know. I don’t think I do. I mean, I don’t think I
tried to keep everything on the surface. Like I could think sound workable, especially when there’s a start, I felt that he shouldn’t have better writing stuff won’t want to come to the right. So that’s why a lot of times five was not normally because there was some rivalry competition.
So the image we saw of Bobby Sherman, no matter what you were doing was really who you were. There was no kind of Hollywood painting anything different about you, you were this all around nice guy. And you still are well done.
Thank you. I again, it was just I was learned by my parents to be humbled to be a good boy, God fearing and everything. And so that’s what I did. And I never took the time to let it go into my head.
Well, I got up this morning. And I said, Good morning, son. I’ve been looking through the raindrops much too long on need some more. I can tell you where my mind’s at. If you please just take the time. Because it’s such a lovely morning, won’t you walk with me and talk with me
I’ve been running all my life now in search of some that I can’t find. I’ve been chasing rainbows. They’re just visions, and my mind is just like me, need someone you see a great body needs a friend to work with. And talk with
golden watch moves for well rounded, you know, you know, I like to controversy catharsis away from everything. How could
you not let it go to your head? How can you be one of the biggest stars on the planet, the teen idol at the time. I mean, David Cassidy came along a little bit later.
Actually, Dave and I were friends, but I really just didn’t have time. So to have an ego, I just just kept working and doing my thing and trying to trying to teach kids stuff. I love kids. And you know, that’s why I wanted to be a child psychologist. And so I would try to lead them in the right direction. And so that’s what kept me busy. And I didn’t really have time to sit in front of a mirror. I was fairly content with what what God had given me I’m sure
you would have been much more than just content. So grateful. A lot of people tell me that they were so busy during the era of the peak of popularity, that they almost missed the entire decade. Was that what it was like for you?
Yeah, it was very fast but I just I managed to always be able to take time to reflect and be appreciative of not only the things that didn’t happen to me, but it was the fans too because the one reason that you’ve become

Welcome back. I’m sure you’ll agree the story of Bobby Sherman’s journey to the top of the hit parade and his subsequent career change is a fascinating one. After his first marriage failed, Bobby wasn’t looking for love again. But when he met Bridget, poor blonde, he immediately knew he had found it.
Somebody that she was dating at the time, she had said something about Bobby Sherman. And he got in touch with my manager, and said, What would it take for Bobby to show up at my girlfriend’s 40th birthday party. And at first, I was kind of reluctant. But basically, I got
their supplies for the party as soon as possible next 20 minutes. And then babied status of like, a whole pie for two hours. You held my hand the whole time.
I had been teaching a class at the academy. So I was in uniform. When she came through the door and saw me standing there in uniform. I don’t think she knew what it was right away. But I think she thought I was a male stripper. She probably would have loved that. Took a second. That’s the point we met and
we kept in touch because yeah, the flag for what I was doing. And Bob made a lot of appearances of that fundraising site that I chaired. It’s you know,
bridge you obviously liked Bobby Sherman. That’s why your boyfriend thought to bring him to your party. You were obviously enamored with him. Yes. It’s
very much a gentleman and an officer decided the movie. Yes, yeah, that figured out and I’d never asked him. He thought I had a fiance at the time. Were boyfriend at the time. So we never really quite cleared that story. A little later. During the promo period, Bobby was always to jump on me. He said he would pick me up, drop me off picking me up and drop me off. So it’s like we didn’t have probably before we activated our relationship.
He’s the perfect man. And he’s got it all. Tell me cooks too. Yes, he got it all.
To us. Bob did all the cooking. Yeah, I
love to cook. I really was great at barbecues.
Does he put the rubbish out to bridge the trash?
Yes. Just you do not everything. Now we have the back house so I can have I stopped here.
He’s finally allowed a bit of rest. Yeah. Yeah. Bobby. So it was 2010. When you married Bridget, in the 90s. You came back as a singer again, because you joined Peter noone and Davy Jones with the teen idol tour. Why did you decide to get involved with that?
Well, that was my old manager at that particular point said this couldn’t be a very lucrative deal. And so Davey agreed. And Peter agree. And I agree. The next thing I know, we’re we’re on stage and 1000s of people screaming, you know, just like the old days, and we had a wonderful time.
I’d imagine it would be all the girls that had loved you as teenagers. Were they also bringing their own children grandchildren with?
Yes, absolutely. But they didn’t act like adults. They acted like kids again.
Another by the time they got older into underwear also became bigger. They can buy these underwear shoes by stage when they’re younger. So that was a big too. Yeah, you stopped touring right when 911 hit.
You keep yourself so well. These days. Bobby, one of your fans wrote to me and asked me to ask you if Julie loved you too.
If Julie loves me, yes. Will she still be there? That was my closing song. And every time I get to that line, will you still be there that you know there was this big uproar about Yeah, absolutely amazing.
Bobby We sang the song on his recording studio and change it to Julie to my name. That was pretty special.
You lucky with Julie a real person, Julie,
Tom Baylor thinks is his name. He’s the one that wrote it. So I think he had a Julie in mind. But you know, after a while, I have more Julie’s than I’d ever want to have It
makes me sad. Yeah, bring down bow tossing and turning, and freezing, and burn and cry in all three.
In concert, I’d say okay, now do we have any Julie’s in the audience? And you know, a lot of hands will go up? And I say, Sir, I don’t believe you for one second. It was a wonderful song. It’s sold a lot.
And after 911 That’s when we started opening the core foundation. And we opened up the orphanage and his center in Ghana, Africa.
Yeah. So you and Bobby had that in common that love of children and wanting to help children that had come from from both your childhoods?
That’s right. And that wasn’t how we connected. But that was one of the things that connected us and kept us going and making us go into the, to the foundation, so that we, you know, we could help you know, kids out there, it’s still going strong.
Also sift 200 meals a day to people in our communities. And hopefully one day when we ever let go of our musical knowledge, it will turn into like a soup kitchen just help poverty with feeding people right now. We have 45 students in there affected everything they could possibly think of,
Wow, what an amazing legacy to leave. And people can donate towards this foundation count though.
Let’s see how we do have a website. Is this really a love interest? It’s a labor of love.
Would you say that this foundation is one of the things that you’re most proud of in your life.
We have a lot of local charities. It’s just I don’t brag about it. I don’t publicize it. I just love helping children. Period,
Bridget’s got a very large heart. And that’s one of the things that attracted me to her.
Yeah, so you you actually feed people in your local community too.
I like helping everybody with children.
Can you just tell us the website address?
Yes bvsc cf It’s actually short for Bridgette and Bobby Sherman Children’s Foundation
comes beats on drums and the people sang song dies lover cries and grows away nothing to say to you all it is is all it is thank God drum
probably in Bridgette you actually do some songs together don’t shoot.
We got a couple of things in all that Yeah,
as far as the club you just by myself out is to actually be singing lessons because I can see when I watched his reruns on shindig because I didn’t get to see that I didn’t have we didn’t have a TV set back then. So basically I’m singing along with it hurts. So eventually by Have you heard me singing because you know what you send us so well sing it together so we did sang it on our standard I think it would turn out to squat and
very high on the on the charts on 100 It was a very successful song definitely
try crying
my heart is shy the way is shining ah too
risky cipher what’s it like for you singing with your wife Bobby.
I tried to bring the best down and earn and she’s not doing it right I said let’s do it again.
Richard How do you take his coaching
a fortune are scared to buy but then I just realized he’s trying to help me prove it. It did help me eventually when I started taking singing lessons, of course was singing lessons. They teach opera. And if you could hit those note triggers anything you can stop that will help me what I started You can see in lessons he really has the 72 words but professionally other than me, right? So that was
really in your whole career and no duets, really not after dumping on Sunday. Bobby was is there anybody that you wanted to do a duet with? Or you’re always happy singing by yourself?
Well not really. Like when I did the Partridge Family that David and I did something then we enjoyed that seven year okay
whose eyes are blue book by the way, you just been wondering? And I’d sure like to see if you’ve been thinking the same about me
that’s up to
me you’re free. You can see things appear to
be I don’t have to tell you how much I really care about
them. Saw and I did note from here from the bribe, save it. And I did a couple of things in my studio, and we got along great.
Your life sounds like it’s been awesome so far. What do you do with your time today? I know that you cook, I know that you put the truck on or you don’t put the trash out anymore. I know that you’re still recording with Bridgette, how else do you spend your time, Bobby?
Watching television and
also learning to that all the stuff he didn’t get to do show go back to miss a lot of the TV shows he never got a chance to watch. No, it’s true.
It sounds like you were so busy during your heyday that now you’ve got a bit more time to put your feet up and catch up with what you missed. Yeah,
I think basically, I’m taking the time to relax and then put my feet up. I’m finding other things to get involved in. I’m taking my time. So I guess what I can say, Sandy, I’m just taking
crossword puzzles to
Nice. And I’d imagine that Bridgette keeps you eating healthily and, and active physically
trying to give Bob a little more motivated. But, you know, being more allocated, I don’t push him. I’m trying to because I want him to be around with me a long time.
Yeah, why wouldn’t you perfect man you have there. Bobby, does it surprise you that so many of us have actually kept your records and souvenirs? 50 something years like, oh, well,
absolutely. You know, well, they’re a collector’s item.
So that might be worth eBay. Here we come.
I’m very flattered by it. And that couple of people come up with some of the 16 magazines and stuff like that. That’s where did you get that? I saved. It’s neat that they still admire the good old days, so to speak.
Yeah, if you look back on your life, Bobby Sherman, would you do it all the same way? Or is there any is there something that you’d change? I don’t
think so. You know, it’s pretty hard to say okay, now let me stop and now back up, and and change it and change this or change that other than my voice? I don’t think so. It’s all falling into place. And I’m very happy. As we go through life. We all make mistakes and wish this had been a little different than that. But at the same time, it’s kind of too late to start changing horses. So I’m fine. If you do
look back on your life now. Is there one most fond memory apart from the day that you met your wife?
Twice, I tell my really beautiful Cinderella wedding with Cinderella coach with horses.
So 2018 you redid your vows completely and had a whole new wedding? Which is anybody wanted to make a movie out of your life? I’ve been asked that
before. I think you’re right. I think it would be Thank you. I’m
happy to share that there’s gonna be times where I’m ready to show everything to help other kids in the world what I went through
Bobby Sherman, do you have a message for your listeners? What would you say to them?
Oh, just enjoy life. Be respectful of others and trust in the Lord. Again, that’s all I can tell you.
Yeah, you’ve got to live every day, don’t you as though it could be your last and enjoy it and put all those silly little arguments behind you because nothing’s important.
Now surely, those used to say that. The minute you’re born, you begin to die. What You know what? It’s true. So it’s one of those things, just live it the fullest you can and the most righteous way you can.
Yeah. It’s funny how we understand so much more as we get older, isn’t it?
Oh, yeah.
Without a doubt, unfortunately, youth is wasted on the young, isn’t it?
Yeah, Bridget, you haven’t got that whole yet. You’re not qualified. I don’t think to answer.
Often, people didn’t realize are 60 Fine, but I didn’t work hard at it. It’s not easy.
Thank you both. So very, very much for your time, Bridget and Bobby Sherman, an absolute delight chatting with you.
Thank you very much. You be safe, and you end up through these troubled times. And God bless you. And to you and yours,
preacher and Bobby Sherman there. If you’d like to donate to the Children’s Foundation they run. The website address again is BB SC It was so good to hear how well Bobby’s doing. He’s about to turn 80 And he’s so content with a life that’s given him the love of a wife, two sons and six grandchildren. Hope you’ll join me again same time next week. When we hear from Looking Glasses Eliot, Laurie. Remember this song?
wait to talk to him. Take care, won’t you until we meet again. I look forward to seeing you then. Bye now.