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Hi, and welcome to you. Thanks so much for joining me. Do you know the singer Darlene Love? Well, it wouldn’t surprise me if you said no, because Darlene has one of the best known voices, and is one of the least known names in the rock music industry. During the 60s, Darlene recorded a string of hits for legendary rock’n’roll producer Phil Spector, but very few of them were credited to her name songs like this one.

I can give him all my hours.

Cause of more than 60 years of singing, Darlene has backed up artists like Sam Cooke, Elvis, the righteous brothers, Tom Jones, Frank Sinatra, and many more. For a long time, she tried unsuccessfully to pursue a solo career. And in the early 80s, when she hit an all time low, she was forced to clean houses to help support her family. Hers is a story of real determination and perseverance. And today at 82 years young, the Christmas song she just re recorded with her very good friends. Sure. Let’s just put it back on top of the charts again,

my favorite music is gospel now. Live it, eat it sleep it when I sing on stage, even if I’m singing. He’s a rebel on do a run. It’s a gospel flavor. My father actually was a pastor of a church. So we grew up singing in church. I was 10 years old when I started singing in my father’s choir, and I wanted to sing, but I didn’t know I really wanted to sing. Mahalia Jackson, who was one of my favorite gospel singers, Marian Anderson, I thought it was going to be a singer like Marian Anderson when I grew up

to hold time just got too big round in his hands to the wind in his hand. He’s got to wind and in his hands at the right time.

One reason we only had gospel music and my family is because my parents were Pentecostal ministers, and that music wasn’t allowed to be played in our homes. My mother and father call that the devil’s music. But slowly but surely, my parents did allow me to sing secular music. They found that the world wasn’t as bad as they thought it was or their music wasn’t as bad as they thought it was. So they allowed me to sing with a group called the blossoms. And we were very well chaperoned. Back in those days. Some mother was always with us. I had to make a phone call. When I left the house, I had to make a phone call when I got where I was going. And then when we were on our way back home, I had to call to a word we’re on our way home. You know, my voice was really maturing during that time. So I was allowed to sing in a plays in high school and choir. Mainly that’s what I did up until I graduated from high school. You

were in really good company in terms of starting off singing in church went to people like Aretha and Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight and Mary Clayton all cut their teeth in the choir loft. All what difference? Yeah. How did that help you? Do you think?

Well, it helped me to be not afraid to sing the one thing to be in front of people I sung in front of the assembly was always like a couple of 100 people there. So it taught me how not to be afraid to sing and then sing from my heart the way I felt. So that helped me a whole lot.

You mentioned that you joined the group the blossoms you found success with the blossoms quite quickly, didn’t you? Yeah, you

know, there were already a group when I got with them, but they were looking for a replacement singer. They’ve hadn’t recorded yet but they sung with other people. They did background singing mostly not lead singing. Our first session was with a gentleman named James Darren. It was his first Welcome

back to join the circus gonna be brokenhearted clown made my face with the good ones smile doesn’t mean turn my world upside down

Thanks Darren, for those who don’t remember him started out as a teen idol. He had a string of puppets, and was famous for his role as Moon doggy. In the TV series Guichard

that kind of started as men, we thought, wow, we can make money. You know, most of the time singing in church made us lifted, offering what they call for you, we found out that we had to join a union that helped me build my confidence being around great musicians, and great singers. Everywhere we went during that time is when the music and the singing was all done at the same time.

There was no going in the studio and laying tracks down separately.

No, you had to know what you were doing. And we thank God we had good ears because we didn’t read music, but we could follow music very well.

Must have been pretty exciting to be in the midst of that? Yeah,

I mean, when I say at the age of 18 I sung with people like Mahalia Jackson or Aretha or any of those people. It was like people that I never dreamed that I would sing with but a lot of those like Aretha did a lot of background singing also. So the Gladys she was with her group. So all of us were kind of group singers except for Dion ward. She was always a solo artist. If you see me walking down the street hand Dastar to

each time we walk

you don’t see the team’s just in cost each time I see you break down

Stop stop

seen Rogen and

that’s all. So the sadness you gave when you said

most of a song with groups like Gladys Knight and the Pips. So we came from singing with groups to going out on our own, which was kind of special for all of us. Yeah. And I think that has a lot to do with how we grew up and how we went forward. When you sang in churches sing solos. So we will always singing in front of crowds of people. Mostly they wanted three blossoms because we sung together for a long time. So we have a sound that we they all want it. But then we work with somebody like Elvis, they wanted a choir. So we had like 2025 people that were singing behind Elvis, they put the blossoms and with them to make the sound more gospel.

What was it like working with us?

That was like a dream come true. Because the girls and I we used to go to Elvis movies and now ever even thinking about one day we’ll be singing with him. It just happens. We had started doing so much background music that they started asking for us. And then when Elvis found out it was the blossoms, he was so happy because he knew we were from a gas background. So we immediately clicked because of all the songs that we sing. While we were working with him, he would go get his guitar, and he would just sit up for like 3045 minutes waiting for a break. And he started singing gospel music not records, secular music, but gospel music, it was down in here


Dollar in love, tell us about how you were introduced to Phil Spector. And what happened with him?

Well, the blossoms were, by then had really started doing a lot of background music. And we were working for a gentleman named Lester SIL, who was Phil spectris partner. We didn’t know that at the time. But he told me that his partner was coming to town. And he had this record, he wanted me to record he had heard my voice and he figured my voice would be perfect for it. So Phil came back to California, and the original crystals were supposed to do that record. But they were in living in New York and their parents wouldn’t let them fly it because they were too young and they were in school. You know, I was at least 19 years old. So I was out of school, you know, and working at that time, but that time the crystals are like 1415 years old. So the parents said Oh, no, we’re not letting them go to California with you. So I was introduced to him and he said, Oh, let me hear you saying I have this song I want you to learn and we’re gonna go in studio recorded I did I went into the studio he taught me the song he’s a rebel. And he said Well, are you the union and what I would charge him to do it. And I told him well, I’ve never sang a solo on a record yet I’ve only did background I said Well, how about triples scale and scale back then was 20 to 50 an hour so I figured man triple scale me as a killer I made a couple $1,000 out singing lead and background on that record

when he goes

artists very rarely is a good foundation for the what do you think this song you know is if you think this is a great song do you think this will be he had not yet? He’s a rebel. Are you kidding me? That’s why I’m getting my money now. And next. But to my amazement, not only was it a hit record, it was a number one record. Well, I’ve had the bug then I said well, I don’t think we feel Spectre, he can make hit records, even though I knew it was for the crystals and my name wouldn’t be on it. It’s amazing how all these years later I’m known for singing he’s available not the crystals and a lot of people thought I was with the crystals a member of the group but I wasn’t it was the blossoms was on that background. My sister I mean we had built was known for getting singers come and sing background. We would hire maybe five or six other singers because he liked it to be very full. And as time went on, I signed with Bill and the next record was supposed to be a darling love record. It was not it was he showed the boy I love and Phil put the crystals name on that. So by then we weren’t getting along too well. Because I wanted to record by and you know also I don’t know if you know that Phil Spector changed my name from Darlene right to Darlene Love. And the amazing thing about it he asked me if I knew this gospel singer named Dorothy love Coates. And I said well, yes, I know them well. And they said, Well, I love that name, love and I want you to have it. I’m gonna give you that name. And he did. And I never told anybody that my name was changed to darling love until we started making all these records. And he wasn’t putting my name on them so about five years later I said you know what? Let me have this name legally changed to mine so I went to court and I had my name changed from Darlene right to darling love and good thing I did was look out things changed him he would have probably would not have let me use that name no one Phil. But now here I am darling love and I find a whole new world


forget all of my time and all

Why didn’t you want to put your name on the records because the crystals name was well known.

That’s the exact reason the crystals were in there had a couple of records that were sort of successful in like top 10 records but they didn’t have a number one record. And Phil thought that by using their name on the record, it had more of a chance of being a hit. Which was weird. That didn’t sound like law. I didn’t sound like the crystals so it was the song It wasn’t so much the were singing the same you must have been pretty angry a berry not pretty pretty angry I was words you can use on the screen. First time I heard he showed the boy I love I was really mad because after I recorded it it was supposed to be mine. It was supposed to be the first darling love record and feel changed it and put the crystals name on it. So I was driving my car. I stopped my car turned around and went back to the office and I let him have it you know I can’t believe it. You know you’re dirty so and so and so and so. I’m like my buddy share whatever’s in my mouth comes out and you just

read it comes out. I’m a bit like that

too. At that time I thought he was going to be recording me under the name of darling love. Why did you give me that name? Why aren’t we recording under my name? Thank God I still had a life as a backup singer. And that’s what I continue to do. Even though he tried to stop me from singing background

darling remained with Phil Spector. Even though she was furious with him. She recorded hundreds of tracks and was really credited on any Stay tuned to find out which ones did carry her name and what she did with them.

This is a breath of fresh air with Sandy Kay. It’s a beautiful day.

I’m so glad you’re still here. Not quite sure what I do without you. Ready for a little Christmas Joy. Here we go.

I think the biggest thing Phil Spector did for me when he recorded the Christmas album. It was the first rock and roll Christmas album ever recorded. But album they were they were recording singles but not an album. And it was the Rock and Roll Christmas album. And he made the wonderful mistake of giving the song to me. And here we are, as Cher reminded me a few days ago. The song is we recorded it 60 years ago and it’s bigger today than it’s ever been.


6060s Phil Spector focused himself on singles defining an album as being two hits and 10 pieces of junk. He took a different approach though when he recorded the Christmas The album in 1963 the only original song on that album was Darlene loves Christmas baby, please come home. Spector issued the song as a single when the album came out. But unfortunately, it was the same day that US President John F. Kennedy was shot and killed. This seriously dampened the holiday mood. So the single and the album was shelved. The song lay dormant through the 60s and 70s, but eventually resurfaced to become a Christmas classic, more on that song to come. Darlene in 64, you’re still with the blossoms ulanda job as the house backup on the television show Shindig, which was one of the first to showcase rock and roll performance. You ran into a little bit of racial tension there.

Oh, yes, in its early 60s, there was still a lot of segregation going on. It was a gentleman from anyone who came to do Shindy. He said he wanted the blossoms on that show. Well, the first thing about it was it was going national. And it was still black and white TV. When he told them he had three black ladies that were going to be on the show. And they said we can’t put three black ladies on the show. Nobody would would look at it. He said, Well, if you don’t want my ladies, you can have the show Jack Good was his name. And ABC took the show. But they told us that we had to do what we were supposed to do. We couldn’t give nobody any trouble. You know, do your job. And when they say places make sure you where you’re supposed to be. They didn’t treat us any different. They thought the audience would. They didn’t never show the pilot show. They never showed it. Because it was Sam Cooke. It was Richard was declare awards and Jackie Wilson and the blossoms. And I said wait we can put this out there’s nobody will lose money. They never put that one out. Yeah,

that show would have been a huge

Oh, yeah. What a lie. Now what was great about Shindig, we got to know all of these people personally, we all became friends. We all came up the same way in prejudice especially the men you know in the south, but they caught hell there. But look at us now

exactly. Look at you all now

my desire and I’ll be at your side

it was there that you as you said became friends with people like Aretha with the kinks with Mick Jagger and of course with Bill Medley Yes, from the righteous brothers. I know that you had a bit of a love affair with

his brothers the blossoms had been recording background for the righteous brothers before they became famous. So we will own a lot of their old songs like Coco Joe all of the fun things they did. We’ve got to be friends but we didn’t really get to be friends and still they started coming to do Chandi so anybody that came to do shindig was there for a couple of weeks at a time so we got very very good friends

is it true that you nearly married him

nearly nearly nearly it got really it got kind of close with a problem was which I don’t understand to this day we laugh about it when we see each other he wanted me to stop singing and just be at home and be able housewife right? So that wasn’t going to work at all that just was not going to work.

I’m completely shocked We even

went on the road with righteous brothers when they were against you know love and feeling all of those

there’s no tenderness, like green tea you’re trying to show

you whoa whoa you lost that?

I then me and my, my husband had broken up, we were divorce, and Bill and his wife were divorced. So while we were on the road, and while we were all getting together at night laughing and talking after the show was all over, we ended up being more than friends.

So, you’ve done Shindig, you’re still with the blossoms, but you start hankering again for a solo career. What’s that about?

Yeah, it started not getting along as well, the girls, when I say not getting along, I was doing most of the work. When we did shows I was their lead singer. And, you know, we started by knowing what was gonna wear and one of the songs is going to be an I can sing to want to sang lead, and you know, those Penny things that happen. And we didn’t have a real good manager who could sort all this out. So we kind of like had to sort it out ourselves. So happen. Dionne Warwick is very good friend of mine, and there’s other blossoms and we started working with Dion as background singers. We toured with her for a couple of years. And then something happened with one of the girls and somebody else. So Dion felt that she had to let us all go. But then she called me and she said, Well, I understand you’re not with the group anymore. I said, No, I think it’s time for me to make the break and start my own thing. She said, Well, would you mind singing with city Houston NDB Ward, which DD Ward was their sister and CC was their art. And way through get three got together not as a group, you know, like the blast, we didn’t have a name. So I figured that would be okay, you know, because it’s not like alright, now here I am stuck with a group again. And I actually ended up working for Dionne Warwick for over 10 years as a backup singer. I just got comfortable. It’s not as hard out here. I’m not the leader. You know, I don’t have to go out and get a band that gets singers and all those kinds of things. So I kind of got stuck the moment I wake

up my head and wondering what to wear now. I say in Italy?

A warm up at work God just take time and don’t call us.

Then one day Bill asked me said Well, are you going to sink background for the rest of your life? Or do you want to be a solo artist? And what he did, he put a show together for me and did the whole show. And we’ve worked at a club in Orange County, Los Angeles. And I was pretty hard because most people wanted me to say producers wanted me to say I was a crystal. Then they said I could probably the bigger probably get more work for me if I did that. I said, but I’m not a crystal. And I’m not I never said I was so if I’m afford this I have to float and be truthful about it. Yeah. That’s what I did. I mean, it was a lot of ups and downs. But, you know, I met a lot of wonderful, lots of wonderful people who helped me along the way. You know, whenever I would get like sidetracked or look, you know, I think I’ve had enough. Let me just go home and do something else. Because it was being out on the road is not the best thing. And for entertainers, they’re tired, most of the times, flying saps up your your strength and you’re tired most of the time, you get in late and you have to get up early. It’s it’s like that everybody might think it’s a wonderful, great life. But it’s very hard. You have to work hard at it, and you have to really want it and I really did want it. This time I said I was not looking back. I’m going to stick to it until it works. And I’m gonna get where I’m trying to go in this business or just say I gave it the best shot. And I read into Lou Adler, who was a very good friend of mine and record producer and he said, Why don’t you do a show at my club? And I’ll invite people to the show. And I did and in that show was Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Van Zandt, and Stevie Van Zandt. At that time I was singing one of Bruce’s songs and didn’t know the people that Louella was inviting to the club in that show one of my favorite songs and still is to this day is hungry heart and that was doing that song in my show man

god oh my god


we fell in love with what we have now here I am down in Queenstown. Everybody’s got laid down

1982 and downloads performance of one of Bruce Springsteen’s biggest hits heralded her first success as a solo artist

who’s just went off when he heard him saying it. It just jumped up and down and carried on. And so Stevie and him came backstage and Stevie say you need to move to New York, where people really appreciate you. And I’m listening to him moved to New York who I don’t know nobody in New York, right? Well, I did. I just as they say it took a step of faith. I didn’t take a step I took a leap of faith and went to New York. But my big thing was that I did for myself, that I never thought I would have that much guts to do is leave my family and home and everything and move to New York where I didn’t know anybody. And Evie, got me two jobs went out a club called the bottom line, and the peppermint lounge. And I can’t say in the app, after all, this is success, because it didn’t happen that fast, you know, but I worked at the bottom line. And the manager that owned that club, really took a liking to me and my talent and everything. He said, just work here. So I worked in his club, and I build up a repertoire. Because most people back in those days thought I was still one of the crystals and they did not believe there was really a darling love.

So you’ve spent decades trying to shake off the fact that people thought you were a crystal. Exactly.

Phil Spector was bound and determined to keep me away from being a success and people asked me what do you think it was why why is he doing this? Is because he wanted control. He wanted control over me and over my life had nothing to do the way it was intimate relationship. It was nothing like that is my talent and he wanted to control

it all my life the music started playing when he walked out the door today

Jamie love

the band.


I saw that incredible documentary 20 feet from stardom in which you feature you talk about some of the struggles that you went through those years and how difficult it was. You even mentioned that you ended up cleaning somebody’s house because you were so desperate oh you Yeah,

I was determined not to lose my focus of where I was trying to go. But I also had to make a living. And I figured that would be a way I can make a living and still go out and work as a singer. So I did that for about, I thought it was a couple of years, but it ended up being like maybe seven or eight months, it just seemed like a long time.

Felt like a couple of years, I

can imagine. I ended up working on a cruise ship. And I did that for a couple of years. That turned out to be great. That’s where I met my husband.

And that was the lifeboat, right? Yes, that’s

exactly what it was meant to be. You know, I wasn’t a depressed person. You know, I always tried to find things to lift me up or some listen to some good some, a good movie, or good music or whatever, you know, just to keep my spirits up. And I know that is what has helped me through the years

downlines luck had already started to turn hanging. We’ll be back in a sec.

This is a breath of fresh air with Sandy Kay. It’s a beautiful day.

Welcome back. After years of struggle, it was high time that good fortune began to shine on singer darling love. Finally, it did win with the release of the 1982 movie The Big Chill, the music of the 60s started becoming popular again. Darlene landed roles in film and stage musical and her songs started to attract new interest on the radio.

We started doing a play called leader of the pack, which Paul Shaffer loved Phil Spector. So he played Phil Spector in that play. And he invited David Letterman down to see the show. And that night on his TV show, Late Night with David Letterman. He said you know that song that girls things in that show that Christmas song, that’s the greatest song I’ve ever heard, we need to get her on the show. And I thought it was going to be one time one time only. It ended up being 28 years. Now one song every year for 28 years until he retired. David started the saying that Christmas doesn’t start until we hear darling love singing Christmas, baby, please come home. And people would say that to me on the strip in the summertime. If they’d see me walking Is it Christmas doesn’t start until we hear you sing that song. And my audience just grew and grew and grew and we were having so much fun, wonderful thing about our music. People love to play it. Musicians, they say they just have such a wonderful time because our music is joyful. So I’ve been having such a ball the last, you know, 3040 years with my career. I don’t act my age. I get up every morning, five days a week and do a kickboxing class. And then I have a personal trainer and I’m saying I keep myself active to work so I can do what I’m doing. I enjoy it so much. I said I’ll be singing I will never retire. I’ll be singing until I can do it.

Is gonna be


you’re amazing. You look half your age. You think it’s because of the physical exercise and the optimistic attitude.

Oh, that too. Yes. Believe me when I tell you. Yes, that’s part of it. Because who wants to get up at 530 in the morning and do a kickboxing class. It’s a hard thing to roll out of the bed and when that clock goes off at 530 but it keeps your energy up. The best thing I could have done was start doing this class

service that how come you only work between October and December?

Well when I say that My heavy load I work all year doing shows here summer shows, summer parks, things like that. But when I say actually touring is the Christmas show that I do because people want to hear those songs. If they want me to say Christmas movie, please come home. I said, No, you have to wait. Now you don’t have anything to look forward to it by saying it all year long.

Before we talk about the new song was Sure. Tell me about the inspiration behind writing your autobiography. For

one thing I had so much to tell. Number one, I wanted to tell the truth. And it’s from eyewitness with me. So there’s nothing in the book, Whether people believe it or not, I know that it’s all truthful, not to hurt anybody or put anybody down or anything. And I had so much to say about who I was. I wanted to tell people who Darlene Love was, what she did, how she did it, and how she got through it. And here she is, all these years later, still doing what she loves to do. That’s the inspiration of seeing me at the age of 82 still doing and enjoying what I do I tell my band all the time, you’ll be the first ones to know because I will tell you, that’s it, I’m done. But then when I know this is a job, job now is work. That’s when I give it up. But right now it’s not work. So

in the context of your story, is there one overriding piece of advice that you would give to people listening to this? I mean, everybody goes through their ups and downs in life, that’s normal. But how do we survive it as you have what’s the key to your success and to your optimism and to your youthfulness,

I tell people this because it’s in my heart if it wasn’t for my love of God, I wouldn’t be in this business. Because it’s too hard. And I hate to say this but I mean it in a nice way it’s dangerous. And when I say dangerous, the pull of the drugs of people trying to use you people talking to you telling you different things you have to believe in your heart first of all, you have to really believe because as far down as I went and I know there’s some people who have gone much further than I have. But going down is hard to climb up. You don’t have that strength, that faith to pull you up to where you’re trying to go and I am I am always so grateful that I’m still doing what I’m doing when I was

away. Know when I talk to young girls, when I tell them, it’s wonderful out here but you can’t let the tracks of this business take you somewhere else you don’t want to go or you never thought you would go because you will go there. So you have to have two or three people in your life around you at all times that you listened to. And I learned that from Dionne Warwick that’s what she did. She struggled like all of us did. But she always listened people that are on your side for you is the best medicine you can have in this

business. That’s awesome advice. Now Darlene Love tell me what’s happened to you recently when your friend share got ahold of you what has ensued.

This is the funny story. I’m sitting here with love watching television one night I get this phone call and say Hey doll This is share and I went home because I hadn’t talked on the phone in years that he said share bitch and that’s what I made I just felt all laughing I was it all in his chair all gay are you oh are you She said we started talking about everything but what she wanted oh, by the way, this is what I called you for. I’m doing Warner Brothers have been on me to do a Christmas album. And I told them I would only do a Christmas album if I can say Christmas baby please come home with Darlene Love. Well, first of all, I was flabbergasted because I know we care about each other but I didn’t know how deep is some people you really bond up and wish the best for and you don’t talk to them all the time. I don’t see him. It’s humbling because when I met Cher she was sharing when. And she was 17 years old, this quiet little mouse sitting in the corner not seeing anything just taking it all in. And after she called me she said she wanted me to do it. Okay, I’m glad I notice all this, you know, she’s in California. I’m here. Oh, my producer, you’re gonna go in the studio with my producer in New York and I’m gonna do my part at home and I’m doing like, I’ve never done this before. This is a first I said, Well, okay, what do you want me to do? You just want you to sing the song. I said, Okay, sing it. How is it the way you perform the song in person that I want you to sing it? I said, Okay, so after about the third or fourth tape, I was really into it. I was just singing it the way I sing it perfect. They said perfect. That’s it. That’s what we want. Thank you very much. That was it in share heard it. And what she did on top of what I did was just all I can say magic. And we made a monster.


and all the

all I can say is, that’s the best fun I’ve had in the recording studio with anybody that wasn’t there. Then she wanted to have a listening party. And she invited me out to her home. And I figured, well, I know Stevie Wonder is on GOG, Lady Gaga is on is low, famous people on the record. So I figured they’ll all be there at the party. Well, they wanted me to fly first class. And they said, well, we’ll have them pick you up. I said, Well, what help tell, do you want me to stay and book me? You want me to put myself alone? Oh, of course, you’re going to be standing here with us. So I stayed at her house. It was amazing. Because we drove up to the house. limousine driver that was dragged, he said, Wow, this is a beautiful hotel. I said Yeah, right. And she didn’t know where I’m going. I wasn’t telling her where we were going. So we got into the house and her sister took us to this suite is not with the main part in the house. This is share with the share that I met who was 17 years old. And now look, how

did you meet him originally in the recording studio when she was 17.

I was dating her. And he just brought it to one of the Christmas where we were recording the Christmas album. And he brought you to the session. And I was having car trouble this particular day and couldn’t get there. That was going to come later. But I wasn’t there then. And Phil back to ask Sonny didn’t you tell me your girlfriend could say? And he said yeah, she could say he said well get her in here. Let her sing some background. That’s how she was the voice is on the background record and Phil kept saying, share your singing too loud. Move back, move back. Your singing too loud. Move back. I said Phil, this is our first session. She’s never sung before. What do you expect? He’s better of blend better? It’d be perfect. Come on, Phil. We did the background and it came out fabulous. The only problem we were all having with someone feel as sunny to come in the background and saying I say no, no Northfield will be here all day because Sandy can’t hold a note in a can of he’s on a lot of the record second background. And it took us long to do him because he was singing off key

and that recording with her was the beginning of her career. Exactly.

That’s what was so amazing to think about how we met what happened between her and Sonny and then Sonny going on to make her Oh, he did all the work for Cher. She is who she is because of sunny today. He gave her the convent. She’s very shy. But

from that story, I can also see why she’s so fun to view if you stuck up for her in the Studio with Phil Spector, then she’d have a huge respect for you. And she would have always remembered that

she remembers more about that day than I do. You

got to be pretty proud of yourself for what you’ve achieved all these years. I

am so proud of what I have accomplished with the help of friends. Because to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, it was not even a dream of mine. And to be able to go to the White House to sing for the first black president of the United States. I mean, these are things little girls wish for, but I never wished for these. I just wanted to be a singer, and the things that I have accomplished with the people that I have worked with, like with Stevie and Bruce, I mean, when I met Bruce, he was a giant. And they all just were just regular people wanting to help. Oh, in this just like you said, I am proud that I have been able to accomplish all of this.

If people want to know more about you, Darlene? The book is available in bookstores or online. It’s called My name is love the Darlene Love Story, Darlene, thank you so so much for sharing some time and stories with us today. You’re welcome. Isn’t she wonderful? The 82 year old Darlene Love who really does look half her age. Thanks again for your company today. I hope you’ve had a great time. I’d like to wish you happy holidays and all the very best for the festive season. Don’t forget if you’d like to request a guest for the show. Just reach out to me through the website. A breath of fresh Have a lovely and safe time, won’t you? I’ll see you back again next week. Bye now.

Because it’s a beautiful day. You’ve been listening to a breath of fresh air with Sandy Kaye.

It’s a beautiful day