Bobby Sherman: The Ballad of Hits, Heartthrobs and Heroic Acts


Meet Bobby Sherman and Brigitte Sherman

Singer Bobby Sherman was a high school football star when Hollywood A-Listers Jane Fonda and Natalie Wood discovered him at a party in the mid-’60s. They asked him to sing at the party, and while he did so reluctantly, after that Jane Fonda arranged a meeting with a talent agent for him. That meeting  proved to be the start of an incredible career that lasted many years and made him famous right around the world. In today’s episode Bobby Sherman is joined by his wife of 25 years, Brigitte. Together the pair share their incredible stories both as individuals and as a couple.

Let's rewind and talk about how it all started

Bobby was offered a regular gig on the teen music show Shindig where he quickly established himself as a star. He did 26 weeks on the show but as his newfound fame grew though, it quickly became his nightmare. There was no time for him to have a life of his own. He worked seven days a week in different cities and states, often falling into bed late at night, on his own and exhausted. He was doing so well that he was offered to do a series for ABC television. He became an actor and one thing led to another. His popularity exploded and his records all went platinum.

"I was doing great, and I had no idea what I was doing".

He just kept going and going and going. The fans (especially the young girls) loved him and the 25,000 letters he received a week proved it. Bobby says he was totally overwhelmed with being in the spotlight like this  but thinks it was the success of the comedy TV series ‘Here Come the Brides’ that really consolidated his fanbase. It was then that he began being referred to as a  teenage idol, and he wasn’t sure if he resented that term or not. In Bobby’s words, “I was doing great, and I had no idea what I was doing”

Bobby’s stint on the TV show also elevated his music career. He had seven Top 40 hits between 1969 and 1971, including ” Easy Come, Easy Go” and “Julie, Do Ya Love Me.” At the same time, his face was all over, from lunch boxes, fan magazines, posters, and assorted merchandise.

Julie, Julie, Julie do you love me?

While Bobby had become the pinup boy for millions of adoring girls all over the world, he was living the life of a recluse, unable to go out for fear of being recognised and mobbed. He had very little of a social life himself. His inherent shyness only adding to his reticence to attend parties and the like. Natalie Wood and Jane Fonda were the girls he most idolised, because he already knew them. He did go out on the occasional date but refused to form long lasting friendships with anyone because he moved around so much. He was always working.

Meanwhile, Brigitte Poublon, a poor refugee from Indonesia was 13 years old when she first saw Bobby Sherman on American Bandstand. She didn’t think much of him other than he was pretty cute. She could never have imagined marrying him!

From singing sensation to medic for the LAPD

It all caught up with Bobby in the end and he pulled the plug on his burgeoning career. He had always wanted to be a child psychologist. Had loved working with kids since he was a child and decided then to turn his attention to becoming a medic.  The LAPD heard about him and his abilities as an EMT, and as an instructor. So Bobby joined the police force, went through the whole process of the academy and  became a police officer, but also became an instructor. So he would teach new officers their first aid and their CPR. He simply wanted to help people.

Bobby’s manager got a call one night from a man asking what it would take to get him Bobby to turn up at a 40th birthday party of a lady that this man was dating. It was a surprise birthday party and Bobby was only supposed to be pop in for 20 minutes. Bobby ended up staying for the entire party and holding hands with the birthday girl for the duration. That lady was Brigitte and Bobby and Brigitte became an item and married in 2010.

Brigitte and Bobby both love helping kids

Together, Brigitte and Bobby Sherman founded the Brigitte and Bobby Sherman Children’s Foundation in 2011. The  Foundation is a Ghana-based youth centre dedicated to blending music and education together to provide children in Ghana with quality education and the tools needed to succeed. Their goal is to prepare and motivate children to continue their education after high school and to allow them to experience the magic of expressing themselves through music. The Foundation is still going strong and relies on donations from people around the world. If you’d like to give to this worthy charity simply send donations  to

Says Bobby, “that wasn’t how we connected, but that was one of the things that connected us and kept us going so that we could help kids out there. The Foundation is still going strong.”

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  1. Debra Boyd-Stolowski

    I absolutely loved this interview. Thank you so much for the memories. I saw Bobby in San Antonio, Texas when I was 12,in concert, at the Municipal Auditorium. I still remember the concert, and still love him so much. He’s a wonderful human being.

  2. Esther

    Great interview! What great memories to walk back to. Bobby Sherman made a difference in this world to many! Thank you for this great email sent, it truly made my day! Peace and love to Bobby and Brigitte!

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