Ross Wilson - The Coolest Daddy of them All


The Immortality of Australia's Own Ross Wilson

Ross Wilson’s home page refers to him as “probably the only person in Australian rock music who can’t make a comeback simply because he’s never been away” and that’s absolutely true. He is one of Australia’s  finest musicians, songwriters, producers and  performers.

Early days with The Pink Finks

Born in Melbourne in 1947, Ross Wilson was exposed to music from a very early age as both his parents were amateur musicians. He was also singing early in life through his involvement with the local Anglican Church Choir. But his friendship with guitarist, Ross Hannaford that began at age thirteen proved particularly fruitful. The two boys started a band called The Pink Finks. They were still in high school but somehow managed to release four singles including a cover of the classic hit,  Louie Louie.

Seeking Fame and Fortune in the UK

In 1969 Ross traveled to England where he married his girlfriend Pat and wrote the future hit “Eagle Rock”. When he returned to Australia, he teamed up again with Ross Hannaford to form Sons Of The Vegetal Mother which eventually became Daddy Cool.

The Phenomenon of 'Eagle Rock'

Daddy Cool split - Hello Skyhooks

It was after the initial breakup of Daddy Cool that Ross Wilson became involved with an up and coming band by the name of Skyhooks. He was instrumental in getting the band signed to a record label and Ross produced their first three albums “Living In The Seventies” (1974), “Ego Is Not A Dirty Word” (1975) and “Straight In A Gay Gay World” (1976). The band turned out to be one of the most original and most popular Australia had ever seen. They featured a charismatic front man with a great voice, brilliant guitar lines, an outstanding drummer and a magical bass player and song writer. Add some glam and cheekiness, it’s no wonder Skyhooks became a legendary band. 

Skyhooks Explode onto the '70s scene

After Skyhooks came Mondo Rock which was Ross Wilson’s most serious attempt at cracking markets outside Australia. While the band never quite achieved the international success it deserved, Mondo Rock was a quality act and showed how Ross Wilson’s talents had grown. The band  initially split around 1989 and Ross took the opportunity to go out solo for a few years starting with “Dark Side Of The Man” in 1989. This album contained the hit single “Bed of Nails” which rose to #25 on the natioanl singles charts.

Mondo Rock days

Ross Wilson - National Treasure

From Daddy Cool to Mondo Rock and as a solo artist with 26 ARIA Top 40 hits to his credit, Ross Wilson is one of Australia’s most awarded, respected and well-known artists. From the legendary band Daddy Cool whose number one anthem Eagle Rock and debut album “Daddy Who?” smashed all previous sales records in Australia 50 years ago in 1971, to the 1977 formation of Mondo Rock, delivering 80’s hits ‘Cool World’, ‘State of The Heart’, ‘Chemistry’, ‘No Time’, and ‘Come Said The Boy’ and into the 21st century as a solo performer, Wilson has never been out of the limelight. He has twice been inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame and his live performances are hypnotic.

As a solo performer and  songwriter Ross has worked hard all through the 90s & beyond with his songs being recorded by artists as diverse as Jimmy Barnes, John Farnham, DEF-FX, Custard, Jennifer Rush (EU), Troy Cassar-Daley, Leslie Avril, Hey Gringo, You Am I, Uncle Bill, Keke (Spain), Renee Geyer, Christine Anu, Duane Jarvis (US), Elkie Brooks (UK), Ann Kirkpatrick & Lee Kernaghan, Sovereign, Pleasantville, Beccy Cole, Sonic Jihad, and The Wiggles! His Latest release in 2023 She’s Stuck On Facebook All The Time is a modern day tragicomedy in the blues genre.

First New Music in 13 years from Aus Rock Legend

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