The Turtles drummer Johny Barbata on stardom, who is George from the George Baker Selection and meet UK blues-rock band Bonham Bullick


Meet Johny Barbata – The Turtles, Jefferson Starship and Crosby Stills Nash & Young

Drummer Johny Barbata has played with The Turtles, Jefferson Starship and Crosby Stills Nash and Young. He is definitely one of the essential ingredients in the development of modern rock music. He’s performed, recorded and jammed with more rock stars than any other drummer in the history of rock and roll, playing on more than 100 albums and on 28 hit singles. 

Johny recently released a ‘tell all’ book about the life of a professional drummer from the throne of a drum stool. It’s called ‘Johny Barbata: Legendary Life of a Rock Star Drummer’ and the book takes us through his suburban beginnings in San Luis Obispo to his time spent backstage with the greats of rock as kept the beat onstage for the biggest acts of three decades of pop music royalty. 

His stories are passionate and entertaining. Johny joins me on the show this week to share a few tales and tell us what he’s up to today.

Bonham Bullick band has arrived with latest album

UK Blues-rock band Bonham-Bullick features singer/songwriter Deborah Bonham and guitarist/songwriter Peter Bullick (who are husband and wife) Their latest albums is a 13 track self titled vocers albums which is an inspiring blend of blues, rock and a bit of soul in the tradition of the great blues-rock of the 1970’s.  

Deborah is the sister of the late John Bonham whom we knew as the illustrious drummer for Led Zeppelin. She grew up in a musical household and get her foot in the door professionally with the help of ex-Led Zeppelin front man, Robert Plant. 

The album is made up of covers from Albert King, Anne Peebles and Australia’s late Chris Wilson amongst others. The first single from the album is the Albert King classic, Can’t You See What You’re Doing to Me. Check it out here.

Who IS George Baker? Find out by tuning in

We all remember that massive hit, ‘Little Green Bag’ for the George Baker Selection. But did you ever wonder who George was and what his story is? If you didn’t but are curious, take a listen to my chat with Hans Bouwens aka George Baker and find out how the WW2 child survivor managed to become so famous.

The George Baker Selection released ‘Little Green Bag’ in 1969 and it peaked at #21 the following year. The Dutch band stated out in 1967 under the name of Soul Invention and changed its name to spotlight lead singer George Baker in 1969. The group broke up in 1978 because fame and fortune caused too much pressure but not before they had a massive hit with ‘Una Paloma Blanca’

After many months of trying to secure an interview with George I finally got him to the other end of the phone and I have to tell you, it was certainly worth it! What a fascinating life he’s led and what interesting stories he has to tell about his life in the spotlight. 

Take a listen to our chat in this week’s show.

Movie Review: The Lost City

Never underestimate the star power of Sandra Bullock. She’s the flame and we’re all the moths, drawn to her power and charm. As much as Sandra impresses in serious dramatic roles, it’s in comedy where she really shines. The Lost City is a rom-com adventure that is very watchable. It’s silly and predictable but it doesn’t seem to matter. Sandra has great chemistry with co-star Channing Tatum and while they’re having fun on screen, we’re also having fun in the audience. Plenty of eye-candy for both sexes made all the better by a brief appearance from Brad Pitt. Harry Potter’s  Daniel Radcliffe even puts in the performance of his life.

Sandra Bullock plays a romance novelist who has become a recluse after the death of her husband, unable to face the world outside her home. When she’s forced to promote her latest book on tour, all hell breaks loose.  The movie is predictable and corny but none of the characters take themselves too seriously so it really doesn’t matter. If you want to escape reality for a couple of hours, I highly recommend  The Lost City.

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