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Bluesman Tinsley Ellis' new album a must

Tinsley Ellis, like many musicians, turned a taxing lockdown into laid -back but determined opportunity, digging back into his primary inspirations, and writing more than 200 new songs in the process. The latest album, ‘Devil May Care’ is is 20th and it’s brilliant. It’s a colourful, blues-rocking parade in celebration of his musical roots. I was really pleased to get the opportunity to catch up with Tinsely via zoom. If you’d like to get to know more about him, read more here and watch our unedited interview below.

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and from the latest album

Kerryn Tolhurst on The Dingoes and Pat Benatar.

Australian country rock musician, songwriter and producer, Kerryn Tolhurst was a key part of the folk music scene in the 60’s. When he founded the band ‘The Dingoes’ he introduced audiences to his take on country rock and they couldn’t get enough of it. Kerryn was also one of the first songwriters to bring uniquely Aussie locations to the fore. In our listeners choice this week, Roger from the Victorian town of Seymour, asked if I could get Kerryn on the line to tell us what he’s up to today. I did that, and Roger joined me to ask Kerryn a couple of questions of his own. We heard about how Kerryn had briefly formed a short-lived group called the Rattling Sabres and how their first single ‘All Fired Up’ came to be recorded by Pat Benatar. ‘All Fired Up’ peaked at number 2 in Australia and reached the top 20 in the UK, Canada and New Zealand. 

Meet Kerryn below. A fascinating story. Thanks for the request Roger. Remember, if you’d like me to find someone for you, just send me a message here and I’ll do my very best!

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Rattling Sabres with 'All Fired Up'

Pat Benatar's hit version

Jon Carroll on the highs and highs of being Starland Vocal Band

Starland Vocal band was a pop band known for their one-hit wonder, ‘Afternoon Delight’, which was one of the biggest selling singles of 1976. It all started in 1974 when musicians Bill Danoff and Margot Chapman stopped at a Washington diner for a quick meal. According to Danoff, it was mid-afternoon and the cafe offered ‘afternoon delights’. He thought that would make a neat title for a song.

We meet founding member, Jon Carroll who tells me all about the crazy days when Starland was on top of the world. He shares stories from his life effortlessly and surprises me by telling me that neither the Grammy award nor success was what it was all about for him. Read more about the band and that song here and check out the two-part zoom interview below.

Jon Carroll part one

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and part two continued ..

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And here's that song

News music this week

Marking 50 years since its release, the original motion picture soundtrack for the 1971 cult film ‘Harold and Maude’ which was largely made up of songs by Cat Stevens, is being released this week. Check out one of them here.

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