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19 Years - A Long Time Between Drinks!

Vika and Linda Bull are one of Australia’s top vocal duos. They’re sisters who first came to our attention after singing back-up vocals for Joe Camilleri’s band, The Black Sorrows. Today the pair is loved and respected all over the world and their new album is testament to their extraordinary talent. The album is called ‘The Wait’. It’s a collection of original songs – the first the girls originals the girls have put out in 19 years. Listen in here to my full chat with Vika as she explains why – the wait. Read more

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Do You Know Who Wrote 'Hotel California'?

Born in Gainsville, Florida, Don Felder quickly became part of the thriving music scene. He played with several bands until The Eagles leader, Glenn Frey recognised his talent on the slide guitar one day and asked him to join the band. The first album that Don performed on was 1975’s ‘One Of These Nights’. The following year he made his biggest contribution to the band following a lazy day at the beach working up guitar bits. He showed them to Glenn who encouraged him to keep going and soon that iconic song, ‘Hotel California’ was born. It became The Eagles’ signature tune and remains so today. Don Felder is celebrating his 75th birthday this week.

Doing it with Doogie White

Pavlov's Dog David Surkamp joins me to chat

Do you remember that 70’s progressive rock band ‘Pavlov’s Dog’? If you were around in the day, I’m sure you do. Formed in St. Louis Missouri in 1972, they were strangely named after scientist, Ivan Pavlov’s major experimental work in classic conditioning. Founder and lead singer, the man with that distinctive, shrill, startling voice is David Surkamp. I caught up with him recently and was surprised to learn that they’re still very active today. Watch my full interview with David above.

A Must Watch!

It’s been a long time coming but finally The Morning Show Season 2 is here! The ten part series drops every Friday night and looks set to be just as good, if not better, than Season 1. Catch it on Netflix. 

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